Wednesday, 11 May 2011

FREE GIVEAWAY: Silver Necklace personalised with your name - *competition closed*

 ***This competition is now closed***
Do you fancy a free Sterling Silver Necklace personalised with your name? I will be giving one away when I reach 50 blog followers from both of my blogs in total from both of my blogs (Personalised Treasures and Personalised Photo Jewellery).

All you have to do is become my blog follower (the 'Follow' button is on the right hand side bar) and leave a comment on this blog commenting on my personalised jewellery (here is the link to my Folksy shop). Please write what changes you think I should make that would make you buy my jewellery. Write what you like and don't like, I'm after constructive criticism that will hopefully help me generate more sales.
If you already are my Blog follower, you will be entered automatically (although you can still leave a comment about my jewellery).

The winner will be drawn out of a hat (physically!) by my 2 year old daughter when I reach 50 followers in total from both blogs. If you follow both of my blogs you will double your chances of winning as both entries will count. You will have the option to choose the name or date that you want stamping on. For detailed description of the necklace, click here.

Please make sure you let all your friends know about this Giveaway,  for them to be in with a chance too!

Thank you & good luck!

Martina x


  1. I'm follower No 7!! I had already favourited your shop as it had caught my eye. I would be interested in things with room for 3 names as I've got 3 littlies! Quite often they are only good for 1 or 2.

    Love your shop, lovely giveaway :o)

    Dottie x

  2. Hi Dottie,
    Yeahhh! You are lucky no.7! Thank you for your comment, valid point. I'm currently working on a necklace with 3 names, it will have 3 round washers separated by beads. I will also be adding necklace with 3 long bars suitable for 3 names.
    PS: if you win, we can put your children's initials on the bead cup.
    Have a nice day. Martina x

  3. Hi I am follower number 9 (i think).. I have looked many times at your jewellery on folksy and love it. The only reason that I would not buy it is that I would like to make my own and I don't have spare cash :( Lovely stuff...

  4. Hi Martina,

    I think that your creations are lovely. I haven't seen anything like them anywhere on the internet before because they are so original.

    I think it would be nice to see a 'mix and match' option so that customers can choose which charm they would like adding to their jewellery (and having a range of different charms).

    Hope this helps!

    Amy x

  5. Thank you to Made with Pixie Dust, I'm now your follower too, hoping to win one fo your lovely creations.
    Thank you, Amy, for your comments too, valid point. I have some Add on charms but need to add more. Good luck.

  6. Follower numero 12 :) lols

    I love your stuff however there's really very little in the way of mens necklaces on Folksy at all ... I was looking to get a plectrum necklace with our babes name on it for my Mr but nothing really fits ... I think more male oriented jewellery could help as looking for mens pressys can be very harsh lols!

  7. Number 13, lucky for some? I really like your jewellery & I am not sure that anything needs changing, the only thing I would say is maybe you could offer the personalised Fathers day washer braclet in copper too? I was looking at it the other day for my dh but wasn't sure if he'd wear silver. PS lovely giveaway, thank you for the chance to win!

  8. Hi Dottie, hope you got my reply. It seems to have disappeared since Blogger was not working...

    Hi MadBrilliantIdeas, valid point, it is on my 'to do' list. Do you think something with a chunky chain or rather leather cord? Thanks

    Hi Sarah, good suggestion, thank you. I will be listing a similar copper tag bracelet in the next day or two.

  9. Hi, great competion, I love all your stuff and think your photos are great. I don't think you will have any problems with getting sales they would make lovely presents. I look forward to following your blog. Good luck with your shop

  10. Think i'm follower number 17?!
    Just received the copper engraved keyring I ordered! I'm so very pleased with it, its beautiful and perfect! It's for my husband for our 7th wedding anniversary (copper) present and know he'll love it too!
    I have put ur site on my favourite's list and will leave several hints for my man as I really want one of ur necklace's! Or maybe i'll be lucky enough to win one!
    No negative comments at all - gorgeous and varied pieces, well priced and faultless quality. Also communication and delivery were excellent- I will certainly be buying again and recommending to all my friends and family! Thank you thank you! :-) laura Pugh

  11. Thank you so much, Laura, your comment has made my day! Martina x

  12. Hiya!

    I have followed your blog and absolutely love this necklace. I love your stuff and can't really think of a reason not to buy it. The only real one is that I'd like to have a go at doing my own. Saying that I probably wont ever get around to it and will probably just end up buying one of yours. I especially like the name necklaces with the dangles. Am thinking the grandmas would love them. Think I feel a few xmas coming on!
    B x

  13. I can't see the follow box - but I have ordered some items!

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  15. I added you a couple of weeks ago, but can i be one of your followers too please? xx

  16. Hi NirvanaBliss, it would be great if you become my follower, the Follow button is just above the 'about me' bit on the right. This competition is now closed but you can enter one at my Personalised Treasures blog:

    Thanks Martina x

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