Saturday, 7 May 2011

Freak accident....

I always wander what I can write about in my blog. I had a 'freak accident' this morning that I have to share with you! It's a bit embarrassing but quite amusing (although it wasn't at the time...). I was making a personalised necklace this morning and was doing some polishing using my new hand held rotary tool. This was a present from my husband to replace my old one. It is really powerful, even speed 1 is so much faster that the highest speed on the old tool (it has 6speeds).

Anyway, as I was leaning closer to the tool to see if my piece has been polished enough, my hair got caught on the spinning polishing wheel!!! The wheel wrapped the strand of hair all the way to the roots and basically left the tool hanging on the side of my head (don't laugh!).
I have somehow managed to release the polishing wheel from the tool, so at least all that was hanging in my hair was the wheel and not the whole rotary tool!
As bad as it sounds, luckily, it was quite easy to twist the wheel out of my hair but I couldn't resist taking a photo of my hair before that.

Anyway, the conclusion is, if you do work with similar hand held rotating tools, please tie your hair back, I know I will be doing that from now on....

And here is the necklace responsible:

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