Thursday, 5 May 2011

Folksy Friday: Precious Pearls

My subject for this week's Folksy Friday is Precious Pearls.

Real pearls have been considered the most magical and feminine of all gems and are the only one created by a living organism. Ironically, they are actually parasites or objects such as grains of sand coated in layers of pearly substance inside a pearl oyster. This special coating gives the pearl its unique appearance and beauty. 

Cultured and artificial glass pearls that are produced mainly for jewellery purposes are equally beautiful. Pearl as a June birthstone is associated with loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. Pearls have also come to symbolise a happy marriage and are very popular as wedding jewellery.

There are many, many gorgeous handmade items on Folksy but I have chosen more unusual items featuring pearls.

Click on the links below to view individual items:


  1. Gorgeous selection of items!

    Thank you, Martina, for featuring one of my bookmarks!


  2. Oh what a super collection... The shoes are superb!

  3. A lovely selection, those tags are great!

  4. This is a really 'put together' selection. Beautiful.

  5. This pearl collection is great, great presentation with tea cup. Wonderful posting with lovely photographs.

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