Friday, 20 May 2011

Folksy Friday 20th May: Wild & Beautiful

I was in my garden today, taking some 'artistic' pictures of flowers (I want to frame them as a present for my friend). I have some lovely flowers there - roses, pansies, clematis... I took loads of photos but when I looked at them later on, I realised that the ones that looked the best were the ones of the simple, wild flowers that I normally pull out as weeds!

Here are some gorgeous creations that I found on Folksy (click on the images for more details).


  1. I love wild flowers :)
    we have planted lots this year - which makes them kind of tame flowers now doesn't it?
    great picks for your folksy friday
    lisamarie x

  2. What gorgeous finds today. I'm going out planting today in the garden and can't wait.

  3. I noticed on a piggy blog that you mentioned a code for making a treasury style blog post some html or something. Would it be possible to send me the code please. Don't know if I'll understand what to do with it but would love to try. Thanks Apryl

  4. Thank you for your comments. I love flowers and gardening (not weeding though) but with my little one and my Folksy shop, there is not much time left for anything else!
    Apryl, I will be doing a blog on how to add the horrizontal images soon.

  5. I adore wild flowers! There is nothing more wonderful than going for a walk and coming across some wild flowers in a patch of sunlight, or stumbling across an area of wild meadow with all its gorgeous colours!

    Thank you so much for including my embroidered wild flower inspired brooch.

    Natalie x

  6. Gorgeous, thank you for including my bookmark. What I love is flowers growing wildly, higgledy piggledy, even if they're garden ones - NOT in unnatural rows.

  7. Thank you for including my beads :) Everything looks gorgeous!

  8. Hi Apryl (bluedaisyglass),

    I have now done the blog on the treasury style Folksy Friday. Hope it makes sense.
    Here is the link: