Friday, 27 May 2011

Folksy Friday 27th May: Nursery Rhymes

I seem to singing a lot of nursery rhymes these days with my 2 year old, so much so that I find myself singing 'Twinkle, twinkle...' in the kitchen even when she has gone to bed! Must be going mad...
So my Folksy Friday for today is all insiped by 'Nursery rhymes'.
Click on each picture for more details.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Make Father's Day special this year

With Father's Day coming in less than a month, on the 19th June to be exact, you (or your children) may be stuck for some original gift ideas. The dads in your life probably already own the traditional 'I love you, daddy' mug so what should you get this year to make Father's Day special?
To help you decide, here is a small selection of personalised gifts available from my 'Personalised Photo Jewellery' shop.

These items are available to buy from my Folksy shop or my website, please click the links below.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

How to display your 'Folksy Friday' images: step by step instructions.

I love looking other people's 'Folksy Friday' blogs and I try to create my own every Friday. I really like when all 6 images are displayed together in a grid so that you have a nice collage of all the different handmade articles. It means you don't have to scroll down for ages to see everything.
After talking to some of my fellow Bloggers, I decided to write down some instructions on how to do this:
1. Copy and paste the below code to your new Blogger post. Before you paste the code, you will need to swap from the 'Compose' page to the 'Edit HTML' page (the button is in the top right hand corner - see the red arrow)

 The HTML code to copy is:

<table><tr><td><img height="160" src="IMAGE 1 LOCATION"></td><td><img height="160" src="IMAGE 2 LOCATION"></td><td><img height="160" src="IMAGE 3 LOCATION"></td></tr>
<tr><td><img height="160" src="IMAGE 4 LOCATION"></td><td><img height="160" src="IMAGE 5 LOCATION"></td><td><img height="160" src="IMAGE 6 LOCATION"></td></tr></table>

2. Next, whatever is red in the code above needs to be replaced with actual location of your chosen images.
Where do you get this info? Go to the actual item you want to show (in the seller's Folksy shop) and right-click on the main picture. Select 'Copy Image Location' and then paste this (by right-clicking) instead of the red text IMAGE 1 LOCATION (the black commas before the IMAGE 1 LOCATION need to stay there). You will need to do this 5 more times for each picture (you have 6 picture in total).

As an example, this is what the HTML code would look like to display 6 images from my Folksy shop:

<table><tr><td><img height="120" src=""></td><td><img height="120" src=""></td><td><img height="120" src=""></td></tr>
<tr><td><img height="120" src=""></td><td><img height="120" src=""></td><td><img height="120" src=""></td></tr></table>

3. You can then swap back to 'Compose' (see the red arrow at the top) to see the result! You can also change the size of the images by changing the number in the HTML code (you must change all 6 of them). It now says "160" but that can be lower or higher (in my example, it is 120 to make smaller pictures). 
You can now continue to write your blog below the images as normal. Don't forget to preview your final blog before publishing.

I hope this makes sense (and it actually works), if you get stuck, please get in touch.
PS: if anyone knows of a simpler way of doing this, please let me know! I'm still learning too.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Folksy Friday 20th May: Wild & Beautiful

I was in my garden today, taking some 'artistic' pictures of flowers (I want to frame them as a present for my friend). I have some lovely flowers there - roses, pansies, clematis... I took loads of photos but when I looked at them later on, I realised that the ones that looked the best were the ones of the simple, wild flowers that I normally pull out as weeds!

Here are some gorgeous creations that I found on Folksy (click on the images for more details).

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shop of the Day!

I had a message from my new customer Emma, congratulationg me on being the Folksy 'Shop of the Day' yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised as I had no idea and had to asked her to explain. She sent me a link to Folksy Facebook page which indeed shows Personalised Photo Jewellery as the shop of the day! What a lovely surprise!

I have a selection of personalised gifts which are would make great Father's Day gifts. They include message keyrings, name bracelets and necklaces for men. So if you (or your children) are stuck for ideas for Father's Day, have a quick look!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Folksy Friday 13th May: 'I love ice cream'

 Click on the links below to view individual items:
1. Ice Cream T-shirt by Little'erberts 
2. Ice Cream Cone Amigurumi by Pipinopolis
3. Kittys Little Double Puff Ice Cream Cone by Kiitypinkstars
4. Ice Cream Print by Cassia Beck
5. Ice Cream Fabric Buttons by Shop Stitch Me Lane
6. Strawberry Sorbet Ring by ilovehearts

With summer just round the corner, my theme for this week is ICE CREAM (yummy)!
I have found some amazing ice cream related handmade items on Folksy, some of you really do have a great sense of humour...I love the Giant Plushie Ice Cream by Sweet Suzy.

Anyway, enjoy your ice-creams (in whatever shape or form or SIZE!...)

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

FREE GIVEAWAY: Silver Necklace personalised with your name - *competition closed*

 ***This competition is now closed***
Do you fancy a free Sterling Silver Necklace personalised with your name? I will be giving one away when I reach 50 blog followers from both of my blogs in total from both of my blogs (Personalised Treasures and Personalised Photo Jewellery).

All you have to do is become my blog follower (the 'Follow' button is on the right hand side bar) and leave a comment on this blog commenting on my personalised jewellery (here is the link to my Folksy shop). Please write what changes you think I should make that would make you buy my jewellery. Write what you like and don't like, I'm after constructive criticism that will hopefully help me generate more sales.
If you already are my Blog follower, you will be entered automatically (although you can still leave a comment about my jewellery).

The winner will be drawn out of a hat (physically!) by my 2 year old daughter when I reach 50 followers in total from both blogs. If you follow both of my blogs you will double your chances of winning as both entries will count. You will have the option to choose the name or date that you want stamping on. For detailed description of the necklace, click here.

Please make sure you let all your friends know about this Giveaway,  for them to be in with a chance too!

Thank you & good luck!

Martina x

Sunday, 8 May 2011

How to make Personalised Photo Keyrings. Great Father's Day gift.

With Father's Day coming at the end of June, I thought I would show you how to make Photo Keyrings which make great personalised gifts for family and friends!
These keyrings are made from flattened bottle caps which hold you photo or an image, covered with a protective self-adhesive clear epoxy sticker. They are quite simple to make.
You can use your photographs or print out images with your name or a short message.
The flattened bottle tops and stickers can be purchased here via my Folksy shop. (If you do not have a drill, I can pre-drill the bottle caps for you on request)

Here are the instructions:

You will need a flattened bottle top and a clear epoxy sticker (sold in my Folksy shop), small clip, jump ring or a strong chain link to attach the bottle top to the clip, photo or a printed image, glue, scissors, pliers, small drill, ruler

First of all, you need to drill a small hole at the top of the flattened bottle top. This is so that you can attach the bottle top to the clip. It is useful to mark the hole with a sharp pointy tool so that your drill end doesn't slip when you start drilling. 
Then you need to choose your image. You can use a photograph you have, just draw a 1 inch circle around the image you want and cut around with scissors. You can print your image out on your PC, either as a 1 inch circle or cut it out after printing into a 1 inch circle. Instead of photo, you can also print out an image with your name, message etc.

Once your image is cut out into a 1 inch circle, 
stick it into the deep side of the bottle top using some glue. 
Once the glue is dry, attach the clip with pliers to the bottle top using a jump ring or a open chain link.

All you have to do now is to stick the self-adhesive sticker on the top of your image to protect it. Make sure you do not touch the sticky side of the sticker with your fingers as this would leave finger marks. Press firmly onto the photo and your personalised keyring is done!

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can attach a small chain between the clip and the bottle top. You can then attach various beads and charms to the chain to create a personalised charm keyring. Here are some examples:

To read or print these instructions from Folksy Making, please click here.

To purchase these flattened bottle tops from my Folksy shop, click here.
(If you do not have a drill, I can pre-drill the bottle caps for you on request)
Or if you don't feel like making a personalised gift, just purchase one from my Folksy shop at

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Freak accident....

I always wander what I can write about in my blog. I had a 'freak accident' this morning that I have to share with you! It's a bit embarrassing but quite amusing (although it wasn't at the time...). I was making a personalised necklace this morning and was doing some polishing using my new hand held rotary tool. This was a present from my husband to replace my old one. It is really powerful, even speed 1 is so much faster that the highest speed on the old tool (it has 6speeds).

Anyway, as I was leaning closer to the tool to see if my piece has been polished enough, my hair got caught on the spinning polishing wheel!!! The wheel wrapped the strand of hair all the way to the roots and basically left the tool hanging on the side of my head (don't laugh!).
I have somehow managed to release the polishing wheel from the tool, so at least all that was hanging in my hair was the wheel and not the whole rotary tool!
As bad as it sounds, luckily, it was quite easy to twist the wheel out of my hair but I couldn't resist taking a photo of my hair before that.

Anyway, the conclusion is, if you do work with similar hand held rotating tools, please tie your hair back, I know I will be doing that from now on....

And here is the necklace responsible:

Please click here to see my range of sterling silver personalised name necklaces.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Folksy Friday: Precious Pearls

My subject for this week's Folksy Friday is Precious Pearls.

Real pearls have been considered the most magical and feminine of all gems and are the only one created by a living organism. Ironically, they are actually parasites or objects such as grains of sand coated in layers of pearly substance inside a pearl oyster. This special coating gives the pearl its unique appearance and beauty. 

Cultured and artificial glass pearls that are produced mainly for jewellery purposes are equally beautiful. Pearl as a June birthstone is associated with loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. Pearls have also come to symbolise a happy marriage and are very popular as wedding jewellery.

There are many, many gorgeous handmade items on Folksy but I have chosen more unusual items featuring pearls.

Click on the links below to view individual items: